Hi, nice seeing you here!
Name: David Neråfors
Age: 28 y/o
Resident: Gothenburg, Sweden
Education: YRGO, Digital Design.
Favourite clothing item: Something on my head.
Choice of music: The Radio Dept.
About a year ago I quit my job as an electrician and started studying to become a Digital Designer. I have been frustrated for a long time and did not understand what was wrong. I have simply been on the wrong track for too long, doing something that doesn't makes me happy. Now I finally have somewhere to vent all the crazy creativity I have in my head all the time. I really thrive on creating new things and Depeche Mode said it the best, I just can't get enough.
If you need help with a project or share my mindset, contact me and we´ll make some banger designs together.
Figma, Adobe CC, Webflow, Blender, Logic Pro