Product Design
TEAM:David Neråfors, Pelle Adlén
Fourtrack is a browser based tape recorder made by me and Pelle Adlén. It's for those who want to record music ideas, while creativity is flowing. No need to connect to a DAW, set up inputs or find your cables. Just record straight into your browser without any hassle. Record on the go and share your recordings with friends.
Fourtrack is a browser based tape recorder made by me and David Neråfors. It's for those who want to record an idea fast. No need to connect to a DAW and set up inputs, or find your cables; just record straight into your browser. Share your recordings with friends and record on the fly.
The problem
The idéa was born from a conversation me and Pelle had, about the frustration with recording music idéas fast while the inspiration is flowing.

We had the same experience of music software. It takes forever to load and set up. For this reason we wanted something more efficient, enabling a quicker start on a new project.

For a lot of users, music software can also be complicated to learn. We want everybody to be able to create music. Let's make music production more accessible and quick.
Our solution
A browser based recording software that can be used wherever you go. With a simple interface and color coded visuals, a modern design look and simple controls, makes it easy for everyone to record and produce music.
In order to keep the simplicity, we had to set some boundaries.
You only got four channels, like an old Porta studio, for you nostalgic ones out there.
The idea of Fourtrack is not to replace a whole studio, the purpose is to be able to make music production easy and more accessible.
Close up
The images shows the four different channels on which the sound is recorded. You also have the ability to loop and cut noise in the beginning of your recordings with curtains, that you drag out over a desired field.
The second image shows the focused mode on a channel. This lets you record and edit the specific channel.
Close up
Now, let's glance at the effect controls in Fourtrack. After opening the effect control panel,you can easily manipulate and add to the sound for a more polished result.